Hi! I’m Pawel Neubauer,
former CTO of UXPin,
one of the best design and prototyping tools on the market.

I’m currently available for consulting engagements.

products & technology

My name is Pawel Neubauer and for over 7 years I worked as a CTO of UXPin - a SaaS platform where you can design and manage your entire UX/UI project in one tool.

During these years I was responsible for tech strategy and platform architecture, but also for leading, managing and scaling the whole UXPin Engineering Team.

Together we built one of the most advanced UI/UX design platforms on the market with powers of code components, logic, states and design systems.

Thanks to many years of efforts, UXPin (acquired in 2020 by Xenon Partners) still supports thousands of happy product teams all over the world.

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My services

What can I help you with?

Below you can find areas of expertise that I can help you with. Contact me if you think there is a match between my experience and your needs. I will be happy to share all lessons I have learned in over 12 years of developing digital products.


  • Tech strategy
  • Software architecture
  • Cloud platforms
  • Managing technical debt
  • Security

delivering software

  • MVP
  • Agile engineering
  • CI / CD
  • DevOps
  • QA

engineering management

  • HR (recruiting, hiring, onboarding)
  • Building teams
  • Engineering culture
  • Tech leadership
  • Mentoring for CTOs


If you’d like to chat about your business just drop me a line